Our bar plays host to a great selection of international beers, alongside local craft ales and stouts, with. We even have our own bespoke brews available on rotation, courtesy of our Federation microbrewery in Altrincham!

 D R A U G H T   B E E R S

Carlsberg      £4

Guiness      £5

London Fields Hackney Hopster £6

Mahou      £5.00

Poretti     £5

San Miguel      £5

Shindigger      £6

Skuna Dark Fruit Cider      £4.50

Somersby Cider      £4.50

Tetley’s      £4

Brooklyn Larger      £6


Please ask your bartender

 B O T T L E D   B E E R S

0%      £3.00

Brew Dog      £4.80

Budweiser      £4

Crabbies      £4.50

Desperados     £4.50

Erdinger Weissbier      £5

Peroni      £4.00

Rekorderling Cider      £5

Sol      £4.00

S O F T   D R I N K S

Apple/Pineapple/Cranberry/Tomato/Pink Grapefruit/Pomegranate juice     £2.00

Appletiser     £2.40

Bitter Lemon     £1.20

Coca Cola Bottle     £2.40

Fever Tree     £2.00

Fresh Orange Juice     £3.00

Ginger Ale     £1.20

Ginger Beer     £2.00

Lemonade Small/Large     £1.70/£2.80

J20     £2.50

Mineral Water Small/Large     £1.60/£4.20

Pepsi Small/Large     £1.70/£2.80

Red Bull     £2.60

Slim Line Tonic     £1.20

Sunkist Small/Large     £1.70/£2.80